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Our sophmore EP, Earth Rings Like a Bell, will be out in April 2024! 

"Earth Leaps Up is a work of surpassing elegance, quiet confidence, and generosity of spirit (making The

Giving Shapes’ name most apt). Its surface delicacy conceals deep reserves of emotional intelligence

and inner strength. As Darwin put it, “from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most

wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.” (Spencer Cawein Pate - The Light of Lost Words)

"Like the angelic voices of Elisa and Robyn - often divided into offset vocal harmonies - the two classical

instruments refer to each other as if they actually were the horizontal or vertical translation of the other:

the ample natural resonances allowed to their minimalist patterns, sometimes mindful of the "Electric

Counterpoint" by Steve Reich ("Dousing"), they create the illusion of a floating cloud of sounds in which

the specular melodies playfully chase one another in a perpetual circular motion. ...a music that resides outside of any geographical or temporal coordinate, woven with the most loving care in a completely pacified mental space, preserved in the luminous quiet of those spring afternoons that the artistic expression has always aspired to eternalize in its romanticized splendor." (Michele Palozzo - Esoteros)

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